All-Star Time!

We are really looking forward to tonight and tomorrow night - it's the All-Star break in the world of major league baseball. Tonight in St. Louis, eight power hitters (four from each league) will go to bat in the Home Run Derby contest. We are pulling for the hometown boy, Albert Pujols....but Nelson Cruz (Texas Rangers) will work too! Tomorrow night it's the American League vs National League in the All-Star game. We are really looking forward to watching both of these. Tonight we are even having hot dogs and nachos like we are at the ball park - fun times! Oh how we wish we were in St. Louis, watching it there, but our living room will have to do. It's going to be an exciting second half of the season. Enjoy!

Until we meet again...
John & Riley


  1. Riley and John ~ I enjoyed your run-down of the all star festivities! However ~ we must recognize that Grady Sizemore (Cleveland Indians and my favorite player) and Ian Kinsler
    (Texas Rangers) not to mention Lance Berkman,
    Kevin Millwood and a ton of others won't be there because of the goofy way the voting is taking place! This should be billed as a baseball players popularity contest ~ not a true showing of "All-Stars"!! And what about Pudge Rodriguez ~ what is he? chopped liver???
    I knew I could count on you Riley, to let me vent!!!! Thanks for your understanding as this baseball fan will most likely skip the game Tuesday!!! My best to Pujols though ~ he is deserving of the honor!!!
    Oh my ~ I really feel better now!!!
    Bunches of blessings and love, Kitty
    P.S. Wahoo!!!!!


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