At this point in our marriage we are very fortunate and blessed to get to experience "Date Night" each week. Saturday night is our date night - our escape from reality to just be together, have lots of fun and think about nothing else! Actually, we are usually always together and we always have fun with each other, but this is a little different :) Sometimes we go out on the town for dinner and a movie or shopping and then dessert. However some Saturday nights we just stay in and cook a yummy, usually unhealthy meal (haha!) and play board games and/or watch a movie or sporting event.
This past Saturday we went out and wanted to share just a couple of pictures... Written on the calendar

Us before we left the house...I realized later that my earring on the left was flipped over in this picture (oh well!)

Calvin all settled with his fleece blankets and the TV on - he was good and didn't have any parties! He just snuggles on the bed while we are gone - he's such a good dog!
Dinner at Abuelos - SO GOOD! John also printed us a coupon for a free entree which made it all the more better (saved about $10). Look at my husband saving us money...your coupon clipping wife thanks you. After dinner we went to a movie, but I forgot to snap a picture of the movie theater. We went to see "Taking of Pelham 123" - it was really good and very entertaining.

The Cheesecake Factory for dessert - need I say more? John had their 30th Anniversary cheesecake and I had the tiramisu...absolutely delicious!

What a wonderful night! We plan on staying in this weekend. We have plans to cook out and watch a movie.
Have a great week! Until we meet again...