Happy Independence Day, one and all!! We hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend. We will be going to Odessa to spend the long weekend and are really looking forward to it - hopefully there will be a few good pictures to share when we return.

Despite all of the problems in the world, we do live in a great nation, full of great history and tradition. Take time to reflect on what this holiday really means and be proud to be an American. Also, if you have 3 hours to spare this weekend, watch the movie "1776". I was forced to watch it in high school government, but it is now one of my favorite movies. I love watching it this time of year!
Be safe and have fun this weekend - HAPPY 4th!
:) Riley and John


  1. Hope y'all had a great time in good ol' O-town! Looking forward to chatting with you sometime this week.


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