Show Us Your Life - Wedding Party & Flowers

It's Friday - time for "Show Us Your Life"...this week is all about your wedding party and flowers. Our wedding colors were purple - dark and light shades. The bridesmaids wore lilac dresses and the groomsmen had a dark purple vest and necktie.

The above picture is of course, our wedding party! The maid of honor is Carianne (my best friend of 15 years and then I was her matron of honor in June 2004). The other bridesmaids are my step sister, Carla and my friends Sunni and Alaina (both of whom I haven't heard from in a while - hope they are doing great!). The best man is Jason (John's brother)...the other groomsmen are my brother, Andrew and two of John's cousins, Bart and Brian. Hillary was the junior bridesmaid (she just returned from Oxford and will be a senior in high school this year - wow) and Jacob was the junior groomsman (he'll be in the 5th grade - again, wow). Bronte was the flower girl (She and Hillary are sisters and she'll be in the 9th grade this year - man, all of our nieces/nephews are growing up too fast). Isaac was the ring bearer and our wedding date was special because it's also Isaac's birthday! He turned 2 on our wedding day and will start the 3rd grade this year. Carianne and I - friends forever! We never thought we'd EVER get married...and now we both are happily married and she's expecting little Owen in November.

Jason and John - they are four years apart and have a great relationship. They are both wonderful Christian men. Jason is Jacob and Isaac's Dad. (by the way, I hate the shadows in this picture - the lighting was messed up...UGH!)

I absolutely LOVED my bouquet - so beautiful with cream, white and accents of purple. The bridesmaids carried small round bouquets with a variety of purple flowers.
What a wonderful day! Next week...Reception and Honeymoon! Be sure to check out Kelly's blog to check out all of the other lovely ladies.

Until we meet again...
John's Bride


  1. So proud to have been your maid of honor! What a gorgeous day! No one will understand this except you: "Muffins and wedding details!!"

  2. Very pretty dresses. The bouquet was exquisite! Looks like you had a gorgeous wedding!

  3. You're colors are gorgeous. Love your flowers!

  4. Just stopping by from Kelly's Korner. I love the flowers!


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