Show Us Your Wedding Dress!

Today is another "Show Us..." activitiy on Kelly's blog. This week - your wedding dress, so fun!

Here I am in my wedding gown on the best day of my life - February 8, 2003. John and I have been married almost 6 1/2 years and God has blessed us with such a wonderful marriage. My wedding dress was very simple, but I absolutely loved it. It was a basic design with satin bands around the waist and a tear drop opening in the back. I knew it was the dress for me the minute I tried it on.

I bought my dress on a Saturday and John was working that day. After I bought it, I went and got us each a coffee from Starbucks and went by his office. When I told him "I bought a dress today", he had a big smile on his face and we were both so excited!

Here are a couple of pictures of the back...
Ahhhh, sweet memories!

Until we meet again...
John's Bride


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