Visit from Owen's Mom!

This is Carianne, my friend of 15 years this summer (we met in high school summer band 1994)! I have talked about her and you've seen pictures of her on our blog from time to time. She was in town last week from Wednesday afternoon until Saturday morning. She's expecting her first child (a baby boy - Owen) in November, so it was really neat to get to spend time with her and talk about all sorts of baby stuff, among other things as we girls tend to do - hee hee! She came to work with me on Thursday and Friday and set up a little area in my office to work on various things on her "To Do" list. We had lots of fun eating, talking, shopping, working on projects, etc. Thanks for a great visit Carianne!

Starting Thursday, we will have John's family in town - we are really looking forward to them being here!

Have a great week - until we meet again...


  1. I really like that picture of us!!! What a pair! Have a lovely week!

  2. i agree! what a pair! you two are too cute! i'm sure you had a ball! take care!


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