The Wait is Over...

Whew - FINALLY!!! What is your favorite season?...Winter, Summer...ummm, no - FOOTBALL SEASON. Only kidding, but what a wonderful time of year. The Cowboys start training camp today (as well as many other teams) which means the start of football is right around the corner. HOORAY - the excitement can hardly be contained! We love football season in our house - watching games all Sunday afternoon/evening and Monday night, playing with our Fantasy Football teams, watching all the ESPN coverage we can get, eating snacks, screaming and yelling at the tv (okay maybe that's just Riley - hee hee) gets even better when Fall comes and it's cold outside. Oh the simple pleasures in life! The season kicks off six weeks from Thursday- the countdown is on. There will certainly be more blog posts about football - you can count on that!

Fasten your chin straps...until we meet again!
John & Riley