Oakland Bound

Well, today the NFL Pre-Season starts. It's not the most exciting of times, but each pre-season game just takes us one step closer to the regular season. Excited and thrilled doesn't even describe how we are feeling with football season fast approaching!

Tonight the Cowboys will play the Oakland Raiders out in California. It'll be a late start (9pm), but we look forward to watching a little of the action to see what "The Boys" look like. They are having a really good camp - drama free thus far so that's awesome! The Cowboys play the Raiders on Thanksgiving...so this will be a good little preview. There are other pre-season games on as well so we'll be checking in on those also.
We are really pupmed because this weekend we are going to tour the new Cowboys Stadium. We've gotten an outside look at it when we've gone to the Rangers' games this season - it's massive. Dad (Riley's) is going to be in town this weekend so the three of us are going to do the tour. We will get to see a lot of neat areas throughout the stadium and we'll probably have to buy something at the new Pro Shop.

Have a great day! Until we meet again...
John and Riley