Show Us Your Life - Reception & Honeymoon

Well, it's that time again - time to share another part of our wedding with you. It's reception and honeymoon memories today!

We had a VERY simple, but really nice reception. It was in the church Fellowship Hall and we had the traditional cake, punch, coffee, mints and nuts. We were able to enjoy those things and make the rounds visiting with all of the wedding guests.

Our wedding cake and John's groom's cake were very delicious - enjoyed by all! I loved our wedding cake...and John still remarks to this day about how yummy his cake was! Here is a picture of us cutting the cake! We also had the best man (John's brother, Jason) and the Maid of Honor (my best friend, Carianne) gave a toast. I would have posted a picture of that, but I had the "ugly cry face" and trust me, you don't want to see that! It was really beautiful though. Carianne gave me a copy of her toast and I have it in our wedding box!

I loved our cake topper. We wanted something special and unique. This now sits on a shelf on the entertainment center in our bedroom.

Most of our reception pictures are of the entry table area, cake table, gift table...and then several of family and friends visiting and celebrating with us.

In lieu of bubbles, our "party favor" was really neat - we absolutely loved it. We took plastic purple spoons, placed 2 hershey kissed in it, and wrapped it up with tulle and ribbon with a little flag that read "A spoonful of kissed from the Mrs. and Mrs." That's what is in the basket on this table.

The following two pictures are two of our favorites from the reception. The first picture is just cute because John is holding my wedding shoes - already taking care of me! I'm sporting some Nike tennis shoes under my dress for the reception - hee hee! The other picture is John's favorite. So much so that we have it framed in the engraved clock/frame that John gave me as a wedding gift. He had our names and wedding date engraved on it and gave me the sweetest card! This is during the reception and just shows us talking in a candid moment when there was so much activity going on in the hall - meeting & greeting, cake serving, gifts being brought in, sweet children running around, spoons being passed out...we are just in our own little world talking about the best day of our lives!On the honeymoon...we don't have too many honeymoon pictures, plus most of the ones we have, I have already scrapbooked. We went to Fredericksburg and San Antonio for our honeymoon and had a wonderful time - two of our favorite spots to visit! We were married in February, so it was nice a cool and a great place to be that time of year.

Thank you for letting us share about this part of our special day! Be sure to check out Kelly's blog and check out all of the other wonderful weddings!

Have a great weekend...until we meet again!
John's Bride


  1. it was such a special day! (even if i did feel like poo from being pregnant with garrett!) thanks for sharing!


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