I Feel Like I'm Fallin' for Fall

Tomorrow marks the first day of Autumn - fabulous! Fall is our absolute favorite season. This weekend, I put out a few of our fall decorations around the house...nothing too much, just a few touches here and there. It helps make the house feel cozy and "fallish" (I don't think that's even a word, but it'll do). Here are a few pictures...We have a couple of pumpkins, a garden flag and a decorative fall stake going in the front yard, but I didn't take pictures of that until we get the yard work done. It's WAY overdue, but it's been so rainy for a week. Things are finally starting to dry out! We also have some cute scarecrows on a "Welcome" sign hanging on the front door. We do have a few Halloween decorations that we will add early October and then after Halloween we'll replace with a few "turkey" items for November. We already have 4 bags of Halloween candy. We've been buying a bag or two each time we go to the store so it's not overwhelming and expensive at the end of October. We have SO MANY trick-or-treaters! We love it though...

We had a nice weekend! Craft night was great at church Friday night and I got a couple of projects completed there. John so sweetly went and bought our groceries and put them all away while I was at church.
Saturday morning until mid-afternoon was spent working on to dos around the house - all that fun domestic stuff! The rest of Saturday afternoon and evening was spent at the Rangers ball park for the Mercy Me concert and the baseball game. The concert was AWESOME and the game was wonderful as always, plus they won 3-2. Hooray for victory! The weather was perfect and it was such a wonderful date night for us "baseball buddies". We are guessing there were 25,000 people there, possibly more? There were 47,000+ at the baseball game so if half came early for the concert...lots of people. How amazing is it to have that many God loving people in one place singing, dancing and worshiping the Lord before a baseball game. It was so moving...one of the best parts was when the band asked everyone there to sing Amazing Grace - A Cappella. WOW - it was an incredible sound to hear all those voices in unison, outdoors with no instruments...so powerful! Here are a couple of pictures...Sunday was pretty typical...a great morning at church, lunch, naps, football watching, John's softball games, various things around the house - good day! Except for the Cowboys...let's not go there. I've already ranted a couple of times - sheesh!
Happy thoughts...here's to a wonderful Fall season!
Until we meet again...


  1. Your house looks amazing, as always! If I told you where my fall tote is, would you come and put some things out around my house? I keep thinking I will get to it...but then my mind turns to something else that needs to be done first. Maybe this weekend I can do a few things. We will see.
    Happy Tuesday.


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