Labor Day Weekend!

We have had an enjoyable and productive Labor Day weekend! Don't you love long weekends? We've gotten several things done around the house and around town, but we've had lots of fun and relaxed as well...
Saturday was our Fantasy Football draft - we were excited to see our teams. We were both pretty pleased with the players we got. It makes us all the more excited for the football season to start. College football started this weekend so that's good and the NFL kick-off is Thursday night! We've been playing Fantasy Football for a few years and it's so much fun. John won the league championship last year and I won the year before that! He is the "Champion Cougars" and I am the "Pernicious Pixies". So intimidating!

Saturday around lunch time, we went and shared an appetizer at Shenaniganz and bowled three games. John won the first two games and Riley won the third! It is such a fun place and neat atmosphere. After we finished there we ran several errands and did some shopping around town. We came home and took a good, long nap and then went back out for dinner at Edohana - a hibachi style place - SO YUMMY! It was our date day/night! After dinner we came home and played several board games, watched college football and had dessert.

MMMMMM - this was our weekend dessert - Oreo Cookie Cake that Riley made. It was quite tasty. John said to add it to the list of his favorite cakes - haha!

Sunday was church (great Sunday school class and wonderful church service), phone calls to family, naps and a list of "domestic duties". John also met a few softball team members at the field to practice for a while. We cooked a brisket, beans, fried potatoes and bread for dinner - and more cake for dessert! We played another board game and watched some tv before bed.

Today has been more "to dos" around the house plus watching several episodes of FRIENDS while we worked on things in the living room. We are going to finish up everything on our list for today so that we can have the rest of the day to nap, play more games, watch tv and just relax before going back to work tomorrow - but hey, it's a 4-day week, whoo hoo!

Hope you've enjoyed your holiday weekend as well!
Until we meet again...
John & Riley