Hip, Hip,'s Friday!! We are ready for the weekend and I'm sure you are as well.

A few things we are looking forward to about the weekend...

Tonight is CRAFT NIGHT for the women at church so I'm looking forward to working on a few crafty projects while having good fellowship time with my sisters in Christ!

Tomorrow night, we will be seeing these guys...

They are performing at pregame concert at the Texas Rangers game - which we will be we get to hear wonderful music, watch a great baseball game and eat some yummy food! It'll be an awesome, fun night!

Fall is in the air (well sort of...), but we plan to put out some of our fall decorations and we'll add some Halloween decor next month. I love decorating the house for the seasons and holidays - especially these next few months!

We have several things on our "To Do" list so it'll be nice to get caught up on some things. The weekends are always good for that. We desperately need to mow our yard, but it's drowning. It has been raining for a week!!

Of course there will be lots of college and NFL football on for our viewing pleasure!!The Cowboys have a HUGE game against the New York Giants. It's the first real game in the new Cowboys Stadium (or Jerry World as many people here in the Dallas area like to call it). Plus it's going to be on Sunday Night Football on NBC. They are expecting around 100,000 people - WOW! This picture was us at Texas Stadium last year...not sure we'll make it to a game this year. The prices are outrageous for parking, food, tickets, etc so we'll just watch with comfort at home.

Also today, I am going to lunch with my two wonderful friends at work, Susie and Sylvia...We refer to ourselves as "The Angels". It's a VERY long, funny story (well funny to us anyway, haha)...we are quite the office trio! We are such great friends and have so much fun working together everyday. Once a month we all go to lunch together and we call it our "Angels Lunch". We are doing that today plus celebrating Sylvia's birthday from a few days ago. I have a picture of the "angels" on my office bulletin board and I get some strange looks and comments - I guess it seems really random to people...hee hee!

Well, there is much to look forward to this weekend - hope you have a great one!
Until we meet again...