Back to Reality

We had a great trip to Odessa this past weekend. We left on Thursday afternoon and got back to our house about 8:30 Sunday, back to reality. All is well though and life is good! We have much to share about visits with family, spending time with nieces and nephews, the football game, the baby shower...and much more. Plus there are tons of pictures - we'll have to narrow them down some. I think we took about 200 pictures, haha! Stay tuned for more details on our trip...we'll post about it in the next day or two.

The picture above is one of us before the big Friday night football game - what a game!

October is going to be a very full month for us...but great things to come. It started with the trip this past weekend and the calendar is full of activity in the coming weeks...looking forward to it.

Until we meet again...
Riley & John


  1. When narrowing down pictures from the shower, please select those that show a "leaner" me! Haha!! Can't wait to see your next post!


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