Yes - I have CRAZY LOVE for John - everyone knows that! But this time I'm talking about Michael Buble's newest CD - "Crazy Love". I don't actually own the CD yet, but I listened to it online this morning at work and it is CRAZY GOOD.

Although I have to say that I have NEVER been disappointed with a Buble CD. I absolutely love him, his original music and his covers of old songs. If you aren't familiar with him and his music - it's in the jazz genre...he has a Frank Sinatra/Harry Connick Jr. sound. It's wonderful! He has a good mix of upbeat, dance songs and slow, romantic songs . I love this kind of music and have many cds by artists such as him.

My fabulous husband surprised me and treated me to a Michael Buble concert last fall. It was actually this time last October. I was OH SO EXCITED for this concert. I remember the shock and utter joy I had the day John sent me the e-mail with our tickets - he's always thinking of me. The concert was AMAZING...we had such a good time. Of course we went out for a lovely dinner beforehand and then just thoroughly enjoyed the concert together. He put on a great show. Thanks again John for that special night - a memory I'll never forget!

If you don't know Michael Buble - get to know him!
Until we meet again...


  1. I think he was on The Today Show this morning. Not sure of the song title, but the end says something like "...and I haven't met you yet." It was quite enjoyable!


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