Now that we are approaching the weekend again, I guess it's time I report on last weekend. Better late than never, I suppose. We went to Odessa (O-TOWN) last weekend to see my family. We usually try to make it "home" (to see our families) every couple of months. We love living halfway between our parents/families where we have the opportunity to see them all more often.
Friday, John and I spent the day with my Mom (Mari) and our two adorable nephews, Scottie and Noah. We went to Starbucks, did some shopping, went to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch and then hung out at Mom's house in the afternoon with her and Grammy...visiting and watching cartoons with the boys. It was a really fun day together.

Friday night was the big cross-town rival football game. All who went to the game were my Dad (Gregg), my brother (Andrew), our beautiful nieces Hillary and Bronte, nephew Scottie and of course John and I. If you aren't familar with football in West Texas - it's INSANE. This is THE biggest game of the year...Permian vs Odessa High. John and I go back for this game every year - we look forward to it so much. Poor John was shocked the first time I took him back home for this game. It's quite a scene...especially for him coming from a such a small town. Back to the game - surely you've heard of "Friday Night Lights"?? The game was awesome - so exciting! I screamed my guts out, cheered, jumped up and down, clapped, yelled at the refs...normal behavior for me watching football, hah. The best part is, we won!! Poor Mojo beat by the Bronchos - oh I love it! Did I mention the cotton candy was delicious as well?
Saturday morning was spent eating breakfast and lounging around at Dad's house, but the afternoon was the long awaited baby shower for Carianne and Owen. It turned out beautifully...all the time spent and hard work really paid off. It was a such a special day. We held it in the Fellowship Hall at the church I grew up in...there were friends and family, great food, fun games, cute decorations, gifts galore, special touches and a whole lot of love!
After the baby shower and clean up were over (Saturday evening), John and I went over to Andrew and Heidi's house along with Mom, Grammy and Bronte to eat dinner, watch the A&M vs Arkansas game (or beating - haha), visit, play games, look at pictures...it was a really nice evening - fun and relaxing!

We took over 200 pictures, so this is just a glimpse of the weekend. As you can tell it was packed full, but it was a wonderful trip to Odessa. We will be back at Christmas...this is our year to spend Christmas there so we are already looking forward to that.

Until we meet again...