Secret to Happiness - Grocery Shopping??

If you are familar with the TODAY show, you might know that occasionally Willard Scott will highlight people or couples who are over 100 years old and/or have been married for several decades. Last week, my Mom told me about a couple he showed who had been married for 80 years. Wow, can you imagine? That's incredible! (Only 73 more years to go for us - hah) Willard Scott said when asked, the couple said their secret to a happy marriage was buying groceries together.

The reason my Mom shared this with me was that she said it made her think of John and I! We are this couple in some regard because we buy groceries together all the time...well 99% of the time. Friday night is grocery night in the Ussery house. It may sound boring to some, but we make it fun and exciting...something we look forward to each Friday evening. It's our grocery store date! Unless we are sick, out of town or have something specific to go to on a Friday night - we don't miss grocery night.

Once I get home from work and John has finished his day in the office at home, we head out for a light dinner - usually Chick-fil-a or something along those lines and price range. Then we may hit a couple of stores if we have any shopping errands to run or things to buy that aren't grocery, items for the house, materials for projects, etc. After all that is done, we pop into Starbucks for some evening coffee and then it's grocery time. This is another blog post in itself, but we make monthly menus so are grocery list is very detailed along with coupons (who would have guessed coming from me?). We just greatly enjoy sipping our coffee, buying good food to cook over the weekend and the following week, getting everything we need to stock our shelves and fridge/freezer, looking at new products and yummy stuff to the whole time we are talking and that's the greatest part. Our Friday nights are full of good quality time together.

A bonus is that not a lot of people buy groceries on Friday night, so the store is nice and quiet and not crowded.

We don't feel that the secret to our marital bliss is buying groceries together, but it IS a lot of fun and a special part of our our relationship. Today is know where we will be tonight.
Until we meet again...