Celebrate Good Times ~ Halloween 2009

This post is way late, but it's been a week of sickness and busyness. All is well now!!

We had a really fun Halloween. It started off with orange cinnamon rolls for breakfast with milk and coffee. After breakfast, I opened all of our candy and got it ready on the entry way bench and also made some cupcakes for us to have Saturday night. We then spent the day being productive around the house and working on all sorts of things. For dinner, John went and picked us up a pizza and breadsticks. Being the darling that he is, when he came back in with the pizza he was holding a bouquet of beautiful flowers and said "Happy Fall" as he walked in the house. I'm so lucky!! I put them in a vase and set them by the sink. After our pizza, we spent the next two hours passing out candy. We bought more candy this year and STILL ran out. When we turned out the light and blew out the candle in the jack-o-lantern, we had "treated" 161 kids (we had 148 last year). We easily could have gone over 200! That was about 8:30 Saturday night. We ate cupcakes and watched a movie after trick-or-treating was over, but that's when I started to feel pretty ick!

Below are various pictures from our Halloween. Be sure and notice the jack-0-lantern...John carved it and I love it! It's not the typical shapes for eyes, nose and mouth, but they are awesome. Also one of the pictures is kind of blurry, but it shows people in our neighbor's yard - just shows how many people are out for candy in our neighborhood... they're everywhere!

Now it's time to move onto Thanksgiving - HOORAY!! This is such a wonderful time of year...Thanksgiving is just 3 weeks away. We have fun things planned for that time as well. Today we are headed to Arkansas for the weekend to visit John's family. It should be a great time and of course, we will have pictures to share. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Until we meet again...