Show Us Your Life - Pets

Kelly at Kelly's Korner is hosting another installment of the "Show Us Your Life" series and this week we are showing off our pets! I've been so excited about this one...we simply adore our dog.
This is CALVIN - isn't he cute? We got Calvin two months after we got married. We were married in February of 2003 and we got Calvin in April. We had been talking about getting a dog once the wedding was over and we were all settled into married life - how domestic of us. John really wanted a beagle and he knew that he wanted to name him Calvin after the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes (one of his favorites). We would look in the newspaper from time to time and finally came upon a man selling several beagle puppies. We told him we wanted a male and arranged to meet up with him. When we went to get Calvin he was the only puppy left in the cage - all 5 pounds of him. So we've had him for almost 7 years - he'll be 7 in January and it's been such a delight to have him. Calvin is the laziest dog we have ever seen and we mean that so lovingly! The picture above pretty much sums up what Calvin does at all times - nothing but lay around. He's so laid back, bothered by nothing, rarely barks, watches toys being thrown (but doesn't go to fetch them), sleeps constantly - so carefree. His absolute favorite thing, besides eating, are his fleece blankets. He will curl up in them, snuggle with them, wrestle with them, chew on them, cuddle with name it! We have several fleece blankets around the house that he enjoys. He even sleeps with a couple in our bed each night. He loves our bed and spends most of his time there during the day. We laugh because he's like a little child and likes to be under the covers, surrounded by stuffed animals. We don't give Calvin "people" food too often, but the three things he gets most excited about are bread, animal cookies and popcorn. He goes nuts when any of those things are out in the kitchen - too funny. Calvin's greatest fear is the vacuum cleaner. When it is pulled out of the closet, he freaks out and starts shaking. He will run and hide from it - poor dog. One day when John was vacuuming, I was getting some clothes out of the dryer and Calvin came and jumped in the dryer. I had to take a picture...
We love being able to take him on trips with us - he does so well. Calvin is the best cuddler - such a snuggly dog. He is so soft and warm ...the best napping partner. Except for the early puppy days (when he did a lot of chewing and digging), we've had no problems with Calvin. We have been lucky too because he has been very healthy, but we take good care of him. We just LOVE Calvin - he is the best dog ever and we are so blessed that he is a part of our lives.

In closing and with the holidays approaching, Calvin would like to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!Thanks for stopping by - have a great weekend!
Until we meet again...