It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Below is a slide show, with about 40 pictures, of us decorating the inside of our house for Christmas. For just two people, we sure have A LOT of Christmas decorations. We didn't even put everything out OR take pictures of everything - these are just a few glimpses. We said goodbye to all of our fall decorations and brought out the red and green Christmas tubs to "Deck the Halls".

We have two Christmas trees - one in the dining room and one in the living room. The one in the dining room is decorated to match the dining room with burgundy, olive green, cream and gold colors. This tree is more for show and it's in the front window of the house, so when people drive by, they can see a tree in our window to go along with the outside lights. The tree in our living room is much bigger and taller and every ornament on it has a special meaning....seriously! There are ornaments we had separately or that we've gotten together. We also have several we've received as gifts or given each other plus we buy an ornament every time we go on a trip or vacation. Every ornament is unique and special and we could tell you story or something neat about it. It makes it so nice to look at everything each year and reflect on memories.

We enjoyed some snacks and toasting to the Christmas season with sparkling grape juice. We watched football and listened to Christmas music as we decorated. Except for a few malfunctioning strands of lights - hee hee, it was a wonderful day!

I also set up a wrapping station in my office. I put out all the rolls of wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags, tags, tape, scissors, ribbons, bows - you name it! I LOVE to wrap presents and we really like having a central location to do all our wrapping. We only have seven under the tree, but there are many more to wrap - fun times!

On the slide show - all the pictures will spin around in a circle once, but then they will stop one at a time for viewing.

We have such a full week and into next...lots of activities keeping us busy, but it's all part of the fun of the season. Have a great week!
Until we meet again...