Please Pray for Noah!

This sweet, precious little boy needs our prayers! This is our 15 month old nephew, Noah...
Isn't he just the cutest?

While at home yesterday afternoon, Noah had a seizure! He was taken to the hosptial in Odessa by ambulance. In the Emergency Room, they did a CT scan as well as a blood and urine test. After those tests and a couple of things they saw, they decided he needed an MRI and some other tests run. They decided to send him to Lubbock for further testing and evaluation. They took him to Lubbock by ambulance last night and he's now in the Pedatric ICU at University Medical Center. The doctor will come in sometime today to see Noah and then they will run various tests. Luckily, Noah is stable and doing well. He's alert and seems like his normal self, so that is a huge blessing.

Hopefully, the tests will go smoothly, they will get results quickly and he can be released to go home in time for Christmas (and anything that might need to be taken care of can be done so after Christmas).

John and I are asking for your prayers for our sweet nephew that we love so much! It is so hard for a child to go through this and we pray for good test results and that this is something minor and easily treatable. We hate this is is happening the week of Christmas, but we trust in our Lord that good things will come and he will be home to spend Christmas with everyone. We are leaving for Odessa Wednesday afternoon to spend Christmas there.

God is the divine physician and we will fully rely on Him through this. As always, we are putting our complete faith in Him that everything will be okay and He will place His healing hands upon Noah. As human nature, we are worried and nervous, but all we can do is pray and trust our awesome God.

We have 10 nieces and nephews (6 nephews and 4 nieces) and we adore them all so very much. One of our favorite jobs is being an Aunt and Uncle to these sweet children. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for Noah.

I will post updates as often as I can when I have news to share. Enjoy this week of Christmas!
Until we meet again...
Aunt Riley