Update on Noah

Before I start, I would just like to thank you for your prayers - they are MUCH appreciated!

Today, Noah had and MRI and an EEG as well as more blood work at the hospital in Lubbock. Thankfully, all the tests were able to be done today. There are lots of details, but the short of it is they diagnosed Noah with a seizure disorder. The name of the disorder is one that I could not pronounce or spell (my apologies) - it's not epilepsy. The solution is for him to take an anti-seizure medication at this time. So, not great news, but it could have been so MUCH worse so we thank God for all blessings. It could be that he takes the medication and never has a seizure again...only time will tell. Hopefully this will help though! This is the first one he's had in 15 months so it hasn't been a problem until now. Once they figure out what dosage he should take, they will prescribe some to him and they can be on their way back home. He just needs to be monitored closely as he gets used to taking this medicine and he may have a few follow-up appointments.

They did also find a quarter size hole/place/space on his brain, but it's basically just a spot that didn't fully develop and it should simply mean that it may take him a bit longer in his development. He may just need a little extra time and therapy to be where he needs to be, but he should be fine overall. They will monitor that as well, I'm sure.

The good news is, he will get to go home later tonight and be home for Christmas - Hooray! He did really well at the hospital and was just a sweet, happy baby. They will take him back for a follow-up appointment in Lubbock on January 12th.

Again, we greatly appreciate your prayers! We give ALL thanks, praise and glory to our mighty God.

Uncle John and I cannot wait to see, hug and kiss this adorable one at Christmas!
Until we meet again...
Aunt Riley