The Day We Met

It was eight years ago today, January 8, 2002. I flew to the Little Rock airport to meet John - face to face for the first time. If you don't know how "Our Story" began, you can catch up and read about it all here. Reading that will help with the rest of the story...

I exited the plane and made my way to the friend/family waiting area and there was John, with daisies in hand (my favorite flower). John had come to the airport to pick me up along with Jason and Angela. After leaving the airport we all went to lunch at El Chico. After lunch, Jason and Angela dropped us off at John's house in Conway and they went back home. John gave me a tour of his cute little house and gave me a few PEZ dispensers (which I collect). Later in the afternoon, we drove out to Mount Vernon to eat dinner and spend time with John's parents and Jason, Angela, Jacob and Isaac. It was a really nice, fun evening. John still says to this day that he was so nervous that day - too cute!

I was scheduled to stay for a week in Arkansas (staying with Jason and Angela). My flight back home was the following week. John and I were going to have a full week to get to know each other more in person, spend some quality time together and see where things would go. Well, to make a long story short, I never flew back home! I canceled my flight and decided to stay here indefinitely. (FYI: I did go back home to get some of my things at one point and I lived with Jason and Angela for a while.)

I flew to meet John on January 8, 2002 and we were engaged within 3 months. When you know! And exactly one month from today (February 8th) we will be celebrating our 7th anniversary.

God is amazing in how He weaved our lives together in the way that He did in His time, not ours. We were both hoping and praying for that perfect person and not very patient in doing so, but as always, He had a plan for us.

John gave me a card this morning and in it he wrote, "I really can't tell you how thankful I am for January 8, 2002 and for every moment since. I love you so much more than you could possibly ever know!" Signed - Your Husband. Oh and on the front of the card was a man holding a daisy behind his back. John is the sweetest and so very thoughtful. I love that he knows, remembers and makes special all of the meaningful dates in our life together. I'm incredibly blessed that he was chosen for me!

We ususally go eat at El Chico every January 8th to remember our first meal together! Again, since we are visiting John's family we will have to do it another time, but it will be done. We have a date planned to celebrate the day we met - face to face for the first time!

Until we meet again...
Mrs. Ussery


  1. Cute post, Riley!! All the little celebrations you guys take part in are so adorable.


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