Farkle Fun

We LOVE board games in our house and both of our families love to play games. We have a completely full game closet with over 60 games in it! We enjoy playing board games any chance we get.

One of the games we got for Christmas was a version of "Farkle" - it is called "Farkle Party". Have you ever played "Farkle"? I had never played it before we got it for Christmas, but John had. He had some memories of playing it at his Grandma's house, so that was really neat.

It is a lot of fun! It's a dice game, kind of like Yahtzee. We really enjoy it too because two people can play it and most of the time, it's just the two of us playing a game. For several games, it required to have to more than two people to play, so this works good for us.

We've kind of gotten on a Farkle kick where we play it several times a week in the evenings after we're done with all our "stuff" to do. We played it twice last night and John absolutely destroyed me. It's all in good fun though - we simply have a blast playing games. It gives us time to spend together having fun and escaping reality and there are lots of laughs! We played Pictionary after that and we were rolling at some of the pictures and answers.

If you are looking for some fun with your spouse or family - play games!!

Until we meet again...


  1. I LOVE farkle! I will definitely have to find farkle party! :) hugs to you, sweet riley b!


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