Though we aren't sure of the exact date, we know that Calvin was born in January 2003 so we are celebrating his birth month instead of his exact birthday. You can read more about this adorable dog on the right side bar. We got Calvin in April 2003 (all 5 lbs of him at the time) and he has been a joy ever since then. He's brought us so much happiness and is tons of fun. I know he's "just a dog", but if you are a pet owner, you know how special they are and that they are truly a part of your family. Everyone says this about their dog, but Calvin is simply the perfect dog. We've had so many people comment on what a calm, well behaved dog he is. He's such a sweet dog and a wonderful friend!

We try to take care of him as best we can and we also pray for him that God will allow him to remain healthy and be with us for many more years to come.

We love you, Calvin!
Until we meet again...


  1. Calvin needs a white cake with buttercream icing to celebrate! Only kidding. :) Happy Birthday to one sweet pup from his "aunt, uncle, and cousins" in Lubbock!

  2. so sweet!! What a cute pup! happy birthday!


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