How 'bout them Cowboys?

NFC EAST CHAMPS!!! Very few even predicted the Cowboys would make the playoffs much less win the division, but they did - hooray!! What a great game and such a dominate performance by the Cowboys. Here's hoping they carry their hot streak into and through the playoffs - it's been FAR TOO LONG!

Saturday night is the re-match of the Cowboys vs Eagles. We will be visiting John's family this weekend, so we will get to watch the game with them. Our nephew, Jacob just so happens to be a huge Eagles fan (poor guy!) so I'm sure there will be a lot of trash talking Saturday night back and forth - fun times!
I'm sorry sweet Jacob, I think the Cowboys are going to beat your Eagles one last time (3rd time this season) and finish them off for good!! I can't take another playoff loss...

I still need to post some of our Christmas pictures. Ahhhhh - it's just been such a busy time and now we are getting into the swing of the new year! We have lots of pictures from our trip to Odessa and then John and I did our gift exchange on New Year's Day and that was lots of fun (we have pictures from that as well). I came down with a cold on Thursday which stinks, but other than that it was a wonderful weekend. Our house is starting to get back to normal too with Christmas decorations being put away and cleaning being done. Anywho, hopefully sooner rather that later, I'll get our Christmas pictures on here.

Have a great week and Happy 2010!
Until we meet again...


  1. Thanks for coming out of lurkdome!! And I totally wanted to start my own BSC!! In fact, a couple of my friends and I would have meetings about it! LOL! Oh and I have to say, my husband is the biggest, hugest, most dedicated Cowboys fan too!


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