New Year's Resoultions

I don't typically make "resoultions" per se as each new year dawns, but I always try to think of things that I would like to do better or do dfferently. A new year serves as an Etch-a-Sketch to erase the past and start anew - isn't that really nice sometimes? John and I both have been thinking about what we would like to change in 2010...

The "eating better" and "exercising more" usually goes without saying - it's understood really. We spend from Thanksgiving to Christmas eating all sorts of yummy things - anything we can get our hands on usually. By the time the new year rolls around, we are usually carrying that "holiday weight" on top of the unwanted pounds we had already gained through the we are miserable and ready to get back on track and get healthy again. I too am ready for that!

We are currently celebrating a late Christmas in Arkansas with John's family, but when we return home it is back to the routine. We will start eating normally and fairly healthy again (with a few indulgences here and there!) and start working out more regularly. I was getting up at 5am and working out before work. That is WAY TOO EARLY, but I'd rather do it then and get it over with than having to worry about it after work and a long drive home. I typically do a workout DVD or the Wii Fit in our living room - whoo hoo! I prepare monthly menus so that helps us stay pretty on track with our eating, but it's the weekends that usually get us in trouble, but we are going to work on that too.

One thing that I plan to do (and have asked John to hold me accountable) is reading the Bible everyday and doing a short devotional. By the time 2010 ends, I will have read the entire Bible. I have a book, "The One Year Bible Devotionals for Women" that I plan to use...
Sadly, I've had this book for a couple of years. I bought it with good intentions, but never have really used it like I should, but a change is gonna come! It is January 7th and I've done 7 days worth - only 51 weeks to go! I've greatly enjoyed it thus far and look forward to spending 365 days in His word and applying a small lesson to my life daily. I told John to stay on me if I start slacking and he pledged his support. He's already told me several times how proud he is of me and that's wonderful to hear.

Together, we have decided to do what we are calling "12 Months of Giving". God has blessed us so much, that we want to bless others and not just during the holidays, but the whole year through! So we've decided to set aside a little money each month and give a donation to a person/people or organization that may need it. There are so many people and charities that need help ALL year. From month to month, we may simply give money or we may go and buy any supplies or items they may need to help their cause. It will be such a good feeling to be giving back each and every month. I know I am repeating myself, but God has helped us so much so we want to thank Him by helping others. For January, we are giving our money to the Boys & Girls Club. John called and asked if they needed money or purchased items and she was thrilled and said that we could just mail a check, so we plan to do that next week. She even told him that we are welcome to come and take a tour. It's only one month, but I already feel wonderful about this year of giving!

Do you make new year's resolutions? May your 2010 be blessed and give thanks to the Lord for He is good. His love endures forever...
Until we meet again,


  1. Gosh! You have 2 amazing resolutions underway! I love both your plan to do a daily devotional and the plan to give monthly to someone in need!! I, too, would like to immerse myself in the Bible and get closer to God this year! I want to work on balancing all things in my life as well!! And......there is always the dark cloud over my head to lose weight. Post-Owen, I have lost 30 of the 61 pounds I gained. 31 more to go, plus some! One step at a time............


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