Things to be Happy About - February Edition

Another month has come and is almost gone (come Monday), so as we close February I wanted to post my favorite things to be happy about from my daily calendar. If you didn't read my previous post on this topic, click here to catch up and read the "January Edition".

Here are my February things to be happy about...

  • A spotless house - Boy do I love a perfectly clean house from top to bottom

  • Knowing where everything is - Being insanely organized, this is a given and wonderful

  • Penguins diving - John loves penguins and we've seen our share at aquariums - such fun animals

  • A fail-proof recipe - One of those classics that you know will be absolutely delicious every single time

  • Wind Chimes - I love the sound of these on a back porch or hanging from a storefront

  • Reorganizing your desk - I can't get enough...whether at home or at work, it's always nice to give my desk a makeover and re-straightening

  • A one-traffic-light town - small towns are so delightful

  • A touching Valentine's card - I received such a wonderful one this year you can see here toward the bottom

  • Sleeping in - I don't get to do this very often, but man does it feel nice

  • Working to music - I have my radio going softly everyday at work at it keeps me going

  • Getting under a blanket - I love the warmth of a snuggly blanket and always keep one nearby

  • Much-needed relief - Getting help with something, taking a break, having a day off, finishing a big task or project...anything that calms things down and relives some stress

  • Tomato Juice - I love tomato juice, but I don't buy it at home, however I always get in when I fly on a plane...that or ginger ale - strange, but I love those two drinks when I fly

  • Milk and cookies - is there any explanation needed? What is better than warm chocolate chip cookies and cold milk for dunking?

  • Batter and frosting bowls - I grew up licking beaters, spatulas and leftovers in the bowl with all the baking around me and I still do it to this day...John loves it too!

  • Quilters - I have such admiration for women who quilt - it's such a wonderful talent and quilts are treasures. I hate that it's an art that seems to be fading, but quilts hold such wonderful quilting and sewing remind me of my grandmothers

  • Stationery stores - I have a deep drawer full of stationery, cards, post cards, note name it, I LOVE stationery!

  • Blowing a kiss - As John stands and waves to me when I leave for work every morning, he blows me a kiss or two - perfect way to say goodbye for the day

  • Delicious aromas from the kitchen - Yum...the smell of something good cooking or baking

  • An early start - I'm more of an "early bird" and work better in the mornings...while it's nice to sleep in from time to time there's nothing like getting an early start on a day

  • A new car smell - I think everyone loves this smell

  • All-day pajamas - We've had a few Saturdays where we've stayed in our pajamas or lounge clothes all day - so very comfy

  • Turkey and dressing - Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Obviously this reminds me of that special I love it eat it and make it!

  • Sunday naps - We usually take a nap every single Sunday, pretty soon after lunch. Some our longer than others, but it's so nice and relaxing on a Sunday afternoon
I hope that you find something to be happy about today and everyday! I'm looking forward to reading all of the ideas in March on my calendar - wow, is it March already?

Have a great first week of March - Easter is just about a month away!
Until we meet again...


  1. In all the years I have known you...nearly 16 to be exact...I never knew you liked tomato juice!!!!


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