Treasure Tubs

We are sentimental people - especially when it comes to our love and life shared together. We have been "together" for eight years and married for seven. In that time, we have saved EVERYTHING we have given each other. The picture above is of our "treasure tubs". We each have one.
In these tubs are various things that serve as a memory of our time spent together. There are cards, notes, letters, movie ticket stubs, deflated balloons, cards from flowers, birthday candles, ziplock bags from lunches, tickets to several events, programs, miniature golf score cards, empty candy boxes and wrappers, receipts...and the list goes on and on. As we exchange, collect and enjoy these items year after year, they go in these tubs.

We try to go through them once a year - take a trip down memory lane and look back through all of our memories and tangible reminders of how wonderful our life has been together. It brings laughs and tears! We went through our treasure tubs about a week ago on a Saturday. We spent 3-4 hours in our living room floor going through all of the items we had in our tubs and playing "Remember when...". Some stories had us saying "Awwww" with warmth in our hearts and other stories had us laughing hysterically. We also made a list of all of the movies we had ticket stubs from (every movie we have seen together) and our list was about 70 movies long - WOW. We also both made a stack of the cards we had given each other and as you can tell, we have quite a collection...
Here is a picture of the living room floor as we started getting things out and going through all of it. It was so much fun and a great way to keep the memories alive and well.
Our treasure tubs stay on the shelf in our bedroom closet and we drop things in them throughout the year. We've already added birthday, anniversary and Valentine cards from 2010. We may eventually have to get bigger tubs to fit all of our treasures!

What a fun time that was and I cannot wait to go through these again next year and relive all of our amazing memories together.

Until we meet again...


  1. Such a great idea, we do something similar. Love reading your blog and following along now!


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