There's No Candy Like Easter Candy

One of my favorite things about Easter is all the CANDY! Of all of the holidays, Easter has the best's almost overwhelming. It's a really good thing all of this sugary deliciousness only comes out once a year or I would be in T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

I love our friend in the picture above - Mr. Hollow Bunny. So chocolaty and good! This sounds really weird (oh well...I have many quirks), but I love to bite the ears off of the top, pour milk inside the hollow bunny and drink the milk as I eat away. I don't even remember why or how I started doing that, but it's an annual ritual.

Here are a few more Easter favorites that are yummy to my tummy...And my most favorite Easter candy...

Oh my - the yummiest of all is the Cadbury Creme Egg. I've always loved these and look forward to eating one or ten every Easter - hah! I can taste one now - mmmm. I've already had Peeps, Robin Eggs and Chicks & Rabbits this Easter season, but I still need to have a hollow chocolate bunny and some cadbury creme eggs. I have a good feeling that these will appear in my Easter basket. The Easter Bunny knows what I love!

All of the holidays bring us a variety of tasty candy treats, but there is just no candy like Easter candy - enjoy!

Until we meet again...