Trip to Mount Vernon

Recently we took a trip to Mount Vernon to visit some of John's family. John was raised in this beautiful little town and it's always a treat to visit. We had a great time and enjoyed a lot of relaxation. Life in Mount Vernon is slow and simple - a nice escape from reality.

We had such a great time. As we always do, we did lots of eating, visiting and laughing the whole weekend. John's Mom, Karen, is an AMAZING cook so we are always well fed - breakfast, lunch, dinner AND the ever-important dessert. John got to do some fishing (one of this favorite hobbies) with his Dad (Mark) one time and also with our nephews Jacob and Isaac at another point over the weekend. He caught a 5LB bass when he went with his Dad and he was DELICIOUS! John's Aunt and Uncle have a tiny new pony named Cheyenne so Karen and I walked down to see it - so very cute. We also went to a couple of baseball games - Jacob had one game and Isaac had two. Both of the boys are really good baseball players know the game so well. We didn't get any good pictures of Jacob playing because it was dark and they didn't come out so well. John also rode 4-wheelers with the boys and they played with the BB gun - shooting at targets and also trying to shoot an egg sitting on top of a milk jug. I even took a turn, but was unsuccessful hitting anything. Calvin also enjoyed himself - he has a nice little set-up on the back porch where he stays when we are there and he loves to go on walks with Mark (also known as Grandad).

Enjoy a few highlights from the weekend...

Until we meet again...


  1. I would like a clone of Cheyenne! How adorable!


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