I am so blessed and thankful to have a husband that is very committed to making our marriage better and stronger every single day. Right after God, our marriage is our top priority in life. We want to treat it daily like the treasure and gift that it is. We do numerous things to make sure our marriage isn't neglected or doesn't get stuck in a rut. We never want our love, friendship, bond, happiness or joy fade with time. It seems like more and more marriages are falling apart or simply empty these days. We want to do all that we can to combat anything negative happening to our marriage. We want to shine the light of Christ through our marriage as a Godly couple. We may be viewed as "too focused" on our marriage or a little "out there" for how into our love and life we are, but that's just who we are - Mr. and Mrs. Ussery - so happy and so in love.

One movie we absolutely LOVE is "Fireproof" and it just happens to be about marriage...

You MUST see this movie!! Every time I watch this movie, I'm inspired to be a better wife. Except for a couple, the people in this movie are not professional actors, they are simply members of a church that are using the production of this movie to spread the word about keeping God at the center of your life and marriage. We've watched this movie many times and also just completed a 6-week devotional study based on the movie - it was AWESOME.

I asked my groom to be a guest blogger and give his take on this movie and the impact it has on him. Here is what John had to say...

Fireproof is about a couple (Caleb and Catherine Holt) whose deteriorating marriage has reached it's breaking point and is about to end in divorce. Through undertaking a challenge called "The Love Dare" (given to Caleb by his father), Caleb comes to understand his need for salvation in Jesus Christ, turns from being selfish to loving his wife unconditionally, leads his wife to Christ, and saves the marriage.


  • It is clean - unlike most movies, you don't feel like you need to take a shower after you watch it
  • It shares the Good News of Jesus Christ clearly and concisely. It doesn't water down the Gospel trying to be "politically correct"
  • It makes clear the fact that a marriage will never be all it can or should be without Jesus as its foundation
  • It teaches the lesson that marriage is a lifelong covenant and love should be unconditional
  • It has some really funny parts!

It will move you to a stronger love for and commitment to the Lord and your spouse than you've ever had before!

I believe watching Fireproof and applying its message will improve your marriage primarily by motivating spouses to stop being selfish and give each other the unconditional love that Christ gives to all. It drive homes the point that marriage in not a contract of convenience, only to be upheld when things are good, but a lifelong covenant that requires God as its foundation and is to be honored forever, no matter what.

Thank you very much John for your contribution. Our marriage is FIREPROOF - is yours?

Until we meet again...


  1. Yes, this movie is great. My husband and I both loved it and learned a lot!


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