I Got My Picture Made with ELVIS!

No, No...I'm not one of those people who think Elvis is still alive (but no offense to those who do - he is "The King" afterall)! I'm talking about Elvis Andrus - Shortstop for the Texas Rangers. A couple of weeks ago, we went to our first baseball game of the season. Here's me and my baseball buddy... It was such a fun night - we love Ranger games! They didn't win, but it was awesome weather, great seats, beyond yummy food and the best company. Before the game, we were watching the Rangers take batting practice. As they were winding down, Elvis came over to sign autographs for those watching so we jumped in the line. We usually carry baseballs and Sharpies to the games just in case autographs are being signed by the players (sometimes they do and sometimes they don't). We were lucky enough to get Elvis' autograph on both of our baseballs. Elvis is only in his 2nd year (just turned 22) and is an amazing player. He's a gem for the Rangers and great that he's so young - many more productive years ahead. He was kind enough to give us his autograph and also take a picture with me.
It was also "Elvis Andrus Bobblehead Night" - fans received a free one, so now we both have his bobblehead in our offices. We have tickets for another game next Saturday night when they face the CUBS (BOO!). It will be a great night and hopefully we get to experience sweet victory this time.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Until we meet again...