Weekend to Remember

Last weekend, John and I had the privilege to attend a marriage conference called "Weekend to Remember" and boy was it ever! We had an amazing weekend together.

The purpose of the weekend is to put aside all of life's distractions and focus on each other. The conference consisted of going through a workbook while listening to speakers addressing various aspects of marriage. There were breaks in between topics and also periods of time where you and your spouse were to work on an application project. Saturday, for all of the couples, was reserved for a Date Night. We got all dressed up and went out for a delicious dinner at Pappadeaux (the best seafood ever). Over the weekend, we did lots of talking, laughing and some crying too (well I did anyway). They also had a great resource center/bookstore set up with books, CDs, DVDs, games, activites and so on to do with men, women, marriage, parenting, family and so much more. We made a few purchases there!

While we feel that God has blessed us with a truly great marriage, there are always areas we can improve to make it stronger and healthier. This was a wonderful opportunity to listen and learn and realize some changes we can make both individually and together.

There were a little over 1200 couples there - engaged and married, isn't that awesome?! We had NO IDEA there would be that many couples there. We were amazed. The couple there that had been married the shortest amount of time was 6 days and the couple there that had been married the longest was 54 years. So from 6 days to 54 years and and everything in between.

It was held at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine which was beautiful and so enjoyable. Our room was very nice and there were several restaurants, coffee spots, gift shops inside the hotel. The conference was held in the convention center that adjoined to the hotel. It was a perfect location and we really enjoyed are stay there. We may have to go spend a weekend there just for fun sometime or for a special celebration.

This "Weekend to Remember" conference is held every year all over the United States and they have been holding them for several years. I think they try to do about 150 a year. We HIGHLY recommend it to all married couples - you will not be disappointed. We decided that we plan to attend this every year if possible wherever we can. The speakers last weekend were SO GOOD, but they have different speakers at each one and I'm sure they make conference changes over the years. We had never heard about this, but I heard an advertisement on the radio and then checked out the website. We read about all of the details, talked about it and decided to sign up.

We were really sad to see the weekend end, but we look forward to going again next year. It looks like they are going to have it here again in March 2011 - hooray! Thank you John, my incredible husband of 7 years, for weekend I will cherish always. I'm thankful you wanted to experience this conference with me.

This weekend, we get a 3-day 4th of July weekend. How exciting! We have some fun things planned to do over the weekend and also have some things around the house to catch up on. I put a few Independence Day decorations out around the house and took some pictures. I will post those and other pictures from our weekend next week.

Until we meet again ~ God Bless America!