Final Wrap-Up ~ Jacob & Isaac's Visit

We had a wonderful time at our family reunion and trip to Fredericksburg (see post below) and there are pictures to share from that, but I want to post the rest of the pictures from when our nephews, Jacob and Isaac visited last month. I've posted several pictures and about some fun things we did previously, but here are the rest of the pictures!

They include sending post cards to their Mom & Dad and Grandma & Grandad, going down to The Harbor area at Lake Ray Hubbard, playing board games, on our way to dinner and shopping, playing in the backyard with the water hose and my old high school flags, looking at scrapbooks and looking through and sorting my PEZ dispenser collection.

The 10 days they spent with us were loads of fun and a time we'll never forget...

Lots more to catch up on! I've started a "to blog about" list so I shall get to it as I can.

Until we meet again...