Show Us Where You Live ~ Master Bedroom

Welcome to the Master Bedroom of Mr. & Mrs. Ussery! I am joining the "Show Us Where you Live" tour with Kelly. Some of these bedroom pictures were taken a year or so ago, but there have been a few changes. We have different bedding right now, but I didn't take a new picture because we change out the bedding from time to time. We have several sets of sheets and 2-3 comforters - all in the "jungle" theme. One of the pictures of our entertainment center (the first one) is an old one. You can see by the second picture that we have a new TV, changed up the decor on top of the entertainment center and added a basket of toys for Calvin beside it. Calvin is our sweet beagle. The items on the dresser have changed some too. The first picture of our dresser that you'll see is what it looks like now except I have added a carmel colored Scentsy warmer on there. The other dresser pictures are older, but we haven't changed it too much. We've also added a picture of the two of us on the wall that is shared with the bedroom and bathroom. The final 2-3 pictures show that wall. The first two are how it used to look and then the final picture shows where we hung the picture of us. It's a really pretty bronze frame and we printed a picture of us in sepia. In the other opening on the frame, beside our picture, is the words to the song "When God Made You". It's a beautiful song talking about how God knowing exactly what we will need in a spouse who is perfect for and picked just for us. There's a line that says "When God made you, he must have been thinking about me" - how powerful!


Thanks for stopping by - have a fabulous weekend!
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  1. I love your mirror over the dresser, so pretty! You have a lot of fun and pretty decor throughout! Great room!

  2. I LOVE LOVE your room very pretty

  3. Your bedroom looks like such a cozy, warm space. I love the crosses in between the two doors, just beautiful.

  4. I love your wall color and the LOVE signs above your bed. Everything is so cozy!

  5. I love that HUGE mirror. Your colors are so pretty together.

  6. What a cute bedroom! I lvoe the LOVE signs above your bed and that huge mirror!!

    Summer ;0)


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