Sweet Christmas Song

One of the many things I love about Christmas is the music. I L.O.V.E. Christmas music and John does too. I listen to it on the radio in the car going to and fro, on my computer at work and play lots of Christmas CDs at home and in the car throughout the holiday season. I even worked out to Christmas music this morning - it made it a little more enjoyable and tolerable (but still no fun at 5am). Nevertheless, Christmas songs bring me so much joy and cheer.

We have several Christmas CDs and we took a few on our Thanksgiving road trip. It was fun to listen and sing along as we drove along the highway. Last year, I bought John Chris Tomlin's Christmas CD "Glory in the Highest". It is SO GOOD - we love it. All 12 songs are amazing. He sings a few classics and also songs written just for this album. We highly, highly recommend it! One of the songs on the CD is simply beautiful. It is written and sung by Audrey Assad who has such a peaceful and angelic voice. The song is called "Winter Snow" and is about the way Jesus came to us - in such a quiet and soft way, just like snow. Of all of the ways our Lord and Savior could have come into the world, He came in such a serene way. I found a video online (part of the side is cut off - sorry!) where you can hear her sing and follow along with the lyrics on the screen as well as some beautiful images - especially the one at the end.

Enjoy ~ Until we meet again...


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment today!!! I LOVE THIS SONG by the way.. Chris Tomlin is my fav!!!

    Hope you ARE HAVING A GREAT DAY!!!


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