A couple of weekends ago, we went out for a fun "date day". We started out the day with some shopping and then we headed to the Gaylord Texan Resort for their annual "ICE" exhibit and then ended the day with a delicious dinner.

Each year, the Gaylord Texan has a one of a kind attraction where they carve a Christmas exhibit or display out of nearly two million pounds of colored ice. It's a walk through exhibit - a VERY COLD walk through, 9 degrees to be exact! Obviously, they have to keep it so cold so that the ice doesn't melt. Before you can go in, they hand each visitor a parka and also encourage you to bring gloves, scarves and hats. They weren't kidding! Even with gloves, my hands were freezing. It was super cold in there, but super fun.

We were SO EXCITED to find out that this year "ICE" would be presenting "A Charlie Brown Christmas". We LOVE the Peanuts gang. We have a little display of Peanuts characters out with all of our Christmas decorations and "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is one of our favorites - a holiday classic. We watched it last week. Each display at "ICE" illustrated a scene from the movie. Though there are a couple of non-frozen props, almost everything you wil see is carved out of ice. It was amazing and unbelievable. Some of it looks like plastic, but it's all ice. WOW! The carvers of the ice were from China and spent 12 hour days for a month creating this display.

At the halfway point, there were slides made of what else...ICE! Each visitor had the opportunity to slide down the ice slide. I opted to watch John slide down and take a picture of him.

Something we weren't expecting, at the very end of the exhibit as we were exiting, there was a nativity scene carved out of ice. Because it was plain, clear ice, it looked like glass and was just awesome. The pictures do not do it justice. It was beautiful!

What a fun day - we had a blast!
Until we meet again...


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