Laundry Room Makeover

One of the projects on my unending to do list was to "Paint & Redecorate Laundry Room". Well, mission accomplished this weekend. Yippee ~ one project crossed off the list!! We worked last week emptying out the laundry room (which is also our pantry and storage area for all of our paper products and cleaning supplies). Our guest room became the temporary home for everthing in our laundry room for a few days while we worked in the laundry room. Most of Saturday afternoon was spent painting and it was a team effort! I would cut in the walls and John would roll the rest in. Once the room was painted, we took a break for a date night which included dinner, board games and dessert. John had to work Saturday night from 10pm - 1 am (which turned into 2am), so I took advantage of that time to deep clean the empty laundry room, put things back in place and do a little decorating. It made for a fun Saturday night into Sunday morning. We put in a new light fixture and finished it up yesterday afternoon and presto chango...a new laundry room!

The color is called "Tantalizing Teal" and we matched it with good ol' black for the decorating and accents. You will notice a cute little metal sign above the light switch. It doesn't really match the colors, but I had to get it because it has an adorable little beagle on it that looks like Calvin did as a puppy. The "wash" and "dry" magnets on the washer and dryer are ones that I made with some scrapbooking paper and magnet sheets. I also made the wall hanging with the same scrapbook paper and framed it in a 12x12 frame.

I included a few old pictures of the laundry room (taken over a year ago) to serve as the "BEFORE" pictures and then of course the "AFTER" pictures will follow...

I LOVE the way it turned out!! It's so bright and cheerful. I will enjoy using this room much more now - it's not so drab and blah. Doesn't a cozy room (especially a nicely painted and/or decorated room) makes doing things in it more enjoyable? I guess it's psychological or perhaps it's just me, but this will be a cute room to do our laundry in, gather our supplies for cleaning house and getting our food out of for cooking and baking. It makes me smile!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day ~ until we meet again...


  1. Looks fabulous, Riley! I agree...bright and cheerful! Love the new layout, too!

  2. I LOVE this color! It looks amazing! What brand is the paint?


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