Happy 25th!

This is my wonderful Dad (Gregg) and my sweet step-mom (Kristin) and today they are celebrating 25 years of marriage. Cue the party horns, streamers and confetti!!

Happy 25th Anniversary to you both!

They got married in 1986 when I was 7 years old. Wow ~ so much has happened since then - lots of ups and downs through life. But you've been side by side through it all for 25 years and I'm so happy for you and thankful God brought you two together when and how he did.

I am excited about the next chapter of your life together and pray for nothing but the best for two people who really deserve it.

Enjoy your day and here's to the next 25!

We love you...
Riley & John


  1. Happy Anniversary to a fabulous couple that I love very much!


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