Another surgery for Grammy

Hello and Happy Thursday!

Here is a little bit of an updated on Grammy. Over the past several days she has been running a fever, but all of the tests have been negative so the doctors were a little stumped as to what was causing her fever to spike. Long story short, they determined that she has a bacteria/infection in her urine so they have moved her to an isolation room in ICU and they have been giving her antibiotics to treat it.

She will indeed be having a tracheotomy today around noon. They are supposed to do the surgery bedside in ICU. Several people on the medical staff have said that this should make it easier to wean her off the ventilator and help her breathe on her own.

Barring any complications, she will be moved to a new hospital on Friday. She will stay in San Antonio, but be moved to another hospital down the road - Select Specialty Hospital's ICU at Baptist Hospital. She is being moved there to their long-term acute care facility. We are hearing that she will be there about 3-4 weeks and then we'll see what the next step is.

Please pray for a successful procedure today with the tracheotomy and for a smooth transition to the new hospital tomorrow. Ultimately we pray that this will be a step in the right direction to get her breathing normally and naturally on her own. I continue to thank you for the thoughts, concern and prayers for our family.

John and I will actually be able to visit her over the weekend. We are going to a family reunion for my Dad's side of the family in Fredericksburg, which is not too far from San Antonio, so we plan to go see my Mom and visit Grammy sometime on Sunday. I have Monday off from work so we will head back to Dallas then.

Hopefully, I will be able to post an update after the surgery today or the transfer tomorrow, but if I run out of time before I leave town, I will update when we return.

Take care and God Bless ~ LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYERS!
Until we meet again...