The Latest on Grammy...

Happy Friday!

I know I haven't posted any updates since Tuesday, but there really hasn't been too much to report.

As far as the ventilator situation, it remains the same. Grammy is still on the ventilator. The doctor said that if she is still on it (not weaned off) by Monday they will do a tracheotomy. If they indeed do the tracheotomy, they will move her to a long-term acute care facility. We aren't sure of the details of that yet, just something mentioned this morning. One of the nurses that cared for her before surgery said they might also try to wean her off of the trach.

Her fever is still spiking, but all of her blood work and cultures have been negative so they are trying to figure out the cause of her fever issues. The infectious disease doctor is supposed to come by again today.

That's about all I know at this point, but I wanted to at least share that. I ask that you would please continue to lift up a prayer for Grammy's healing and recovery and for my Mom as she's going through a very difficult time ~ obviously.

On another note (and Grammy would appreciate this as an avid sports fan)...

about them Rangers?
Have a good weekend!
Until we meet again...