Quick Update on Grammy

Hello Friends~

I will keep this fairly short, because at this point there's really no sense in going into the past few days and series of events, but the fact is that the end is probably near.

Grammy is getting worse daily and her body is beginning to shut down. She's had fever, low blood pressure, low blood count, little kidney output, irregular heartbeat and she's been unresponsive for several days.

I'm not sure how much time there is whether it's a matter of hours or days. Her birthday is next Tuesday so my prayer is that if it is in fact her time, that she would go to be with the Lord before or after that day.

I'm thankful that I was able to go see her one more time on Sunday and touch her hand and tell her that I loved her. Even though she didn't know I was there, it was important to me.

I will keep you posted, but I continue to ask for your prayers of strength and comfort at this time.

Thank you!


  1. Oh Riley! This is not what I was hoping for in an update this morning. Your strength and trust in the Lord continue to amaze me. I am so sorry this is happening to your family. I love you so much and hope you will let me know if I can do anything. Anything at all!

  2. Praying for you guys! ): Love you soooo!


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