11 weeks

As of yesterday, I am 11 weeks! I have added a pregnancy tracker to the side of our blog. Look for the pregnant lady in the green box in the right column.

Since we announced we were pregnant, we have received SO many sweet e-mails, cards and phone calls. It was a rush of well wishes and congratulations. AWESOME! I hope to keep up with my/our weekly progress through pictures and "stats". We'll see how it goes.

With that being said...

I am: 11 weeks pregnant
Size of Baby: Baby Ussery is the size of a fig
Total Weight Gained: I really haven't gained any weight. I actually lost about 4 pounds in the first few weeks, which is normal, plus I was walking daily and eating really well. I have put back on those 4 pounds, but still weigh about the same as I did before we got pregnant.
Maternity Clothes: Thanks to my Mom, I have a nice little collection started. There are a couple pairs of jeans that are too tight, but I'm wearing them with a belly band.
Gender: We don't know yet, but will find out late-September.
Name: We have our names picked out, but waiting to reveal his or her name once we find out.
Movement: No movement yet
Sleep: I was a little restless at first and waking up a lot (and having a hard time going back to sleep), but I think my mind was racing. I am starting to sleep much better now.
What I Miss: Hmmm, maybe getting to sample the raw cookie dough when I've made my chocolate chip cookies or caffeine. I really thought giving up caffeine would bother me more than it has, but it hasn't been TOO bad. I've had a few decaf drinks, so it's worked out fine. I also miss feta cheese.
Cravings: No cravings yet
How I'm Feeling: I am feeling really good!! Except for a little less energy these past few days, I'm feel great and SO thankful. I've had zero morning sickness or nausea, so I'm definitely counting my blessings.
Best Moment this Week: We just got back from a Family Reunion and it was so neat to have everyone congratulate us and ask how I was feeling. It was fun to have them all sharing in our joy and excitement.

Our next appointment is August 16th, so we are looking forward to that. We have a long "Before Baby Comes" list so as I have free time, I'm trying to work on it. It consists of house projects to tackle, nursery preparations, garage sale planning, things to buy and order, pictures and notes to take, crafts...you get the idea! It's quite a list, but it'll be a big help. It's such an exciting time, matched with football on it's way, cooler weather around the corner and holidays a few months away - it will be a FUN FALL! We can't wait...

Here are a few pictures. I have a tiny little belly. Depending on what I'm wearing, sometimes it's easier to see than others. You can tell more in my 10 week picture than my 11th for some reason.



11 WEEKSHere is our first sonogram...

My Mom came to visit us for a few days in mid-July and then I went back to Odessa with her for a week. We had such a great time! When I got back, we had a few days before we went to pick up our nephew Scottie (he's 6 and entering 1st grade this year). He came to stay with us for a couple of days (it was such a delight having him here) and then we took him back with us to the Family Reunion we just returned from. We are leaving Thursday to go visit our family in Arkansas and we will be back on Monday. WHEW!! It's been a busy several weeks, but lots of fun. After we get back from Arkansas, we should be staying put for a little while. John is busy with work and school and I always have plenty to do to keep me busy everyday, plus working on our "baby" list. It'll be nice to have a normal routine for a few weeks and get caught up on several things.

Until we meet again...


  1. SO SO SO neat to FINALLY see an ultrasound with "Ussery, Riley" printed in tiny letters at the top! Still so happy for you and all the great times ahead for the Usserys!


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