12 Weeks

I am 12 weeks pregnant!

Here's what's going on...
I am: 12 weeks pregnant
Size of Baby: Baby Ussery is the size of a lime
Total Weight Gained: I really haven't gained any weight yet. I actually lost a couple of pounds in the first few weeks, which is normal, plus I was walking daily and eating really well. I have put back on those 4 pounds, but still weigh about the same as I did before we got pregnant.
Maternity Clothes: My Mom a.k.a. "Mamaw" and I together have purchased a few pieces of clothing so I have a good collection started. There are a couple pairs of jeans that are a tad too tight, but I'm wearing them with a belly band. I also have several tops that aren't "maternity", but will work well when I get bigger.
Gender: We don't know yet, but will find out in early October - can't wait! It's fun to hear what everyone thinks it will be.
Name: We have our names picked out, but waiting to reveal his or her name once we find out.
Movement: No movement yet
Sleep: Overall, I'm sleeping really good. I usually get up once or twice in the night to go the bathroom and sometimes have a hard time going back to sleep, but not too bad.
What I Miss: Getting to sample the raw cookie dough when I've made my chocolate chip cookies or maybe caffeine. I really thought giving up caffeine would bother me more than it has, but it hasn't been TOO bad. I've had a few decaf drinks, so it's worked out fine. I also miss feta cheese...oh and fried eggs.
Cravings: No cravings yet
How I'm Feeling: I am feeling really good!! Except for getting a little more tired here and there, I'm feel great and SO thankful. I've had zero morning sickness or nausea, so I'm definitely counting my blessings.
Best Moment this Week: We just got back from visiting John's family in Arkansas (for the first time since we found out we were pregnant), so it was neat to talk about it with all of the family and look at "baby stuff" online. John's Dad a.k.a. "Grandad" (and of course Grandma too) generously offered to buy our car seat so we looked at several online - trying to find the best one for us.

We had our second appointment yesterday. The appointment went well - did blood work and pelvic exam. Went over a lot of information and questions. The heartbeat is still strong - no sonogram, but got to hear the heartbeat again. The blood work is the first round to check for various conditions. They will go over blood work at my next appointment unless something is abnormal - fingers crossed and prayers lifted that all that is okay with that. We go back to the doctor on September 12th for more blood work (to check for other conditions) and see the doctor...then in early October we'll find out what the baby is! I was hoping it would be late Septermber, but looks like it'll be the first or second week of October. We are anxious, but don't want to rush time!

As we have time, we are going to work on my office - making it into an office/guest room. There is downsizing to do and furniture to rearrange...plus several thing to get rid of or pack up. The baby's room will be where our guest room is currently. We want to have the baby's room empty and ready for painting by mid-October. In between now and then we can make our final decisions on baby bedding and paint colors - so much fun!

Until we meet again...


  1. You need to stand more sideways (if that is even a properly-worded phrase!!) so we can see the bump better!!! ;) In my opinion, the best picture so far is the one at 10 weeks.


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