Cupcakes & Grandparents

In honor of the NFL season kicking off last night (hip hip hooray!), I decided to make us football themed cupcakes to have for dessert after our pizza. YUM! They definitely aren't anything professional, but turned out cute and were mighty tasty. I love these mini-mixes that the Dollar Tree sells. They are only $1 and makes only 12 instead of 24. John and I certainly don't need 24 cupcakes! It was a fun, relaxing evening. We had our pizza and cupcakes and enjoyed all of the pre-game festivites as well as the game itself. What a great game...although we didn't make it through the whole game. We are looking forward to more football this weekend and the COWBOYS first game Sunday night! On another note, Sunday is "Grandparents Day"! While our little one is still a few months away from making their entrance into the world, we know that they will be blessed with three sets of wonderful grandparents when they make their arrival. Our parents have all been grandparents for several years now, but it's so exciting that we will get to join in the fun and have them be grandparents to our child. (Side note: I must mention though they have already been awesome grandparents to their grandog Calvin. He's a lucky dog.) We can't wait for the memories that await our child with their grandparents. Although we live about 5-6 hours from our parents, we will do our very best to keep the connection and bond strong between our sweet little boy or girl and their grandparents. This blog will be a great place to post updates, pictures and video clips. (Sometimes the internet is a beautiful thing!) Hopefully, we will still be able to do lots of visiting and have them all vist as well.

It is our hope and prayer that we can help foster a loving relationship between our child and their grandparents. As they get older, we look forward to when they can call them on a regular basis and go visit for a few days. We will cherish the influence that our parents will have our on child and we will sure be leaning on our parents for advice, words of wisdom and support when it comes to raising our little one. We are entering a whole new world! I read something the other day that said, "Once you have your own kids, you may suddenly realize that your parents had more wisdom than you may have previously thought." Haha! There will be things and instances we will want to handle on our own or the way we feel is best, but we will certainly enlist their help as we need it. They have been through the "raising children" chapter of life and have trial and error on their side as well as many experiences and lots of perspective.

We are very thankful for you all and can't wait to share our bundle of joy with you. Happy Grandparents Day!

Now let's meet Baby Ussery's grandparents...

This is my Mom and Armando who will be lovingly called "Mamaw and Grandpa".

This is my Dad and Kristin who will be lovingly called "Grandpa and Granny".

These are John's parents who will be lovingly called "Grandad and Grandma". One thing we have planned for the nursery is to make a photo collage of our immediate family so we can point out family members and say their names so as they get older they can make a name/face association and even though they won't always be able to see them in person, they will be able to see them in pictures in between times together. It will be a great way for them to become familar with and recognize their family members.

Happy Weekend!
Until we meet again...