Drumroll Please...

IT'S A BOY! We are extremely excited and thrilled...on cloud nine! It has been quite an afternoon and evening. We went to our sonogram and found out we are expecting a little boy. Even better, they said everything is developing perfectly and our little boy weighs about 8 ounces at this point. We are still on target to deliver at the end of February. We have so many emotions and more things to share now that we know "it's" a "he". Our minds are spinning and overwhelmed with wonderful thoughts about decorating his room, things to buy, crafts for Mommy to make for his room and memories to make once he's here with us and in the years to come. After our appointment, we contacted lots of family and friends to share the news. We then celebrated with buying a few boy outfits (pictures to come later) and dinner. What a day!

A little bit about his name...PARKER HOLT! We love it. Parker is a name that we have both loved for years. It's a name we always knew we would use if we ever had a boy - even before we started trying to get pregnant years ago. It's not uncommon, but not overly common and it's super cute. Holt popped in my mind as we were watching the movie "Fireproof" one night several months ago. We've seen that movie numerous times and the couple's last name in the movie is "Holt" and as I heard it throughout the movie, I told John that I really liked it and thought it would be a neat middle name. Then the name "Holt" wouldn't leave us alone. Haha! One day on my way home from work, I look over and there's a truck that says "Holt Construction"...I found a flower shop business card and the shop was called "Holt Florist"...we drove by a law office one day that said "Law Offices of Charles Holt"...I read an article in my Southern Living magazine about Holt, Alabama...I was watching another movie one afternoon and the main character's last name was "Holt"...there's an adoption agency I've heard about called "Holt Adoption Agency". You get the idea...for a name so rare it kept appearing to us so we knew it was a sign!

There is SO much more to come, but we are blessed, happy and thankful to share this with you all! Thank you for all of your love and for sharing in our joy. Praise God from whom blessings flow for this precious gift.

Parker Holt, your Mommy and Daddy can't wait to meet you!

Until we meet again...