21 Weeks & Room Update

I am: 21 weeks pregnant
Size of Baby: Carrot ~ about 12 ounces and 10.5" long

Total Weight Gained: 3 pounds
Maternity Clothes: I have a nice little maternity clothes section in my closet. I am wearing maternity jeans in this picture, but a regular top. Carianne let me borrow a few of her tops too.
Gender: It's a BOY!
Name: Parker Holt
Movement: I feel a few flutters here and there ~ really neat.
Sleep: It's fairly good - not great, but not awful either. I appreciate all the sleep I get. I took an awesome nap on the couch Sunday for about an hour.

What I Miss: This week I was really wanting fried eggs, not super runny, but somewhat - no can do right now.
Cravings: No cravings

How I'm Feeling: Except for the sleep struggles and occassional heartburn, I'm feeling really good! I've had a really easy pregnancy thus far so I hope the rest goes as smoothly as possible too.
Best Moment last Week: Painting on Parker's room!!

As I mentioned last week, my best friend Carianne came in late Thursday night to paint Parker's room for us. What a great weekend!

Before I go on, please cue the standing ovation and continuous applause for all she did on Parker's room. The words "Thank You" are not near enough to express our gratitude. Carianne, we very much appreciate you taking the time and a weekend to come and do this for us. It looks amazing and we are forever grateful! We love it!!

Luckily, like me, Carianne has attention to detail so she wanted the room to be perfect. I told her the two colors I wanted (cream and red) and that I wanted horizontal stripes on two of the walls and she took it and ran with it. She made very sure it was professional looking from the taping, painting and touch-ups and everything in between. She spent a lot of time touching up the drips and imperfections so it looked flawless. She also brought her laser level for taping the stripes so there wouldn't be lines to draw on the walls and try to hide with paint.

I must also say a big thank you to John! He did a lot of the painting as well (with Carianne's direction of course - hee hee) and held the laser level while she taped the stripes. He also went with me to buy all of the supplies and fetched several things from the garage over the course of the weekend. I walked in and out of the room at times, but tried to stay out of the way and away from the fumes. It was hard not to be able to help more. I worked on a few other projects and washed Parker's clothes that we've gotten recently. I also sat in the hallway, talked to them and watched them work.

The room was a flat paint before - we thought it was white, but once they started painting it looked more gray. The colors we got were from Lowes - Natural Sheepskin and Radiant Red in a satin finish.
John had to dig some dried up paint out of the tray - or at least that's what he said. Perhaps he just wanted to be a big kid and play in the paint.
One of the projects I worked on while Carianne worked on touch ups was painting the letters of Parker's name to hang on the wall above his crib.Carianne bought some really cute star stickers at Hobby Lobby and suggested I put some of them on the light switch and outlet covers. They really go with the theme and colors of the room. While we waited for the cream to dry we went shopping for a couple of hours. Fun times!! We bought several things for the room and some craft supplies. And if she hasn't done enough already, Carianne volunteered to make curtains for Parker's room. There's a valance that goes with the bedding, but she's going to make blue gingham curtains to go behind the valance. We bought the fabric for those while we were out.
Carianne also had a wonderful idea of painting red stars on one wall to match the red stars on the bedding (I never would have thought of or attempted this on my own). She ran the idea by us and we loved it, but she wanted it to be a surprise so we didn't see this wall until she was done. WOW! This wall will have a rocking chair (that was my Grandmother's), a side table and the changing table.
While we were at Hobby Lobby, we bought the supplies and materials to make a sports mobile/dangle to hang from the ceiling. I already had this hook in the ceiling from when it was the guest room and we decided to leave it there. The stars at the top were unfinished wood and Carianne painted them red. The rest she assembled with fishing line and hot glue. It is precious! It's two sided so when it spins you see this on the other side as well.
I also painted this while I was painting his full name. I painted it the same blue and used the same stickers from the outlet covers. We attached it to the door with good ol' velcro. Here is his name leaning against the wall. We are going to hang it inside one of the red stripes above and his crib will be underneath.
The rest of these pictures are what the room looks like as of yesterday. We cleared out all of the supplies and junk - hah! Everything in here will stay in here, but not necessarily where it is. The painting was the biggest job so now we can arrange things, bring furniture in and hang a few items. It's not near done by any means, but we'll get there. I still have a long to do list in here. We also got Parker's car seat and stroller delivered last week. It was a generous gift from Grandma and Grandad - thank you! Daddy still needs to put a few parts on the stroller.
Here is his bedding - sheets, comforter and bumper pads. The way the sun is hitting it, it looks so light, but it's really bright. There's also a little blue Snoopy from Mamaw. On top of the bookcase you can see a sneak peak of a canvas I painted, but I am waiting to take a picture until it's hung on the wall. There's a collection of supplies for things I'm working on in the corner.
While these pictures are pretty good, the room is much better in person. The colors are very rich and bright. I can't wait to keep working on it. I will keep taking pictures and posting them as we get more done. Thanks for letting us share - much more to do, but we are making progress.

Again, thank you a million times Carianne! Thanks to you too sweet husband - I love you so very much!

Until we meet again...