Halloween Decor

Now that October has begun, I put out a few Halloween decorations around the house. We are not Halloween freaks! There are people out there that are a little insane and go above and beyond when it comes to decorating and celebrating Halloween. We aren't into the scary stuff like skulls, skeletons, witches and ghosts (only friendly ones). We love to put out a few decorations, watch "The Great Pumpkin" with the Peanuts gang and pass out Halloween candy (which we are already stocking up on). I do have a few pairs of Halloween socks I like to sport throughout October too. So we keep it pretty low key for Halloween, but it's fun to celebrate a little bit. On Halloween we usually order pizza and eat while we pass out candy. This year it's on a Monday so we'll also have Monday Night Football on in the background too.

The first two pictures were two that I forgot to include in our fall decorations. The first is a little pumpkin I made out of cardstock for John's desk and the second are some cute scarecrows hanging on my china cabinet. The picture of Snoopy toward the bottom hanging in our front window lights up so we plugged him in at night. Once Halloween is over, I'll pack all of this up and put out a couple of Thanksgiving decorations.

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