29 Weeks

I am: 29 weeks pregnant
Size of Baby: Butternut Squash ~ 2.5 pounds and a tad over 15" long
Total Weight Gained: 9 pounds

Maternity Clothes: I am wearing maternity jeans, but a non-maternity shirt in this picture.
Gender: It's a BOY!
Name: Parker Holt
Movement: I feel lots of movement daily! John finally got to feel him kick last week. He (Parker) tends to be a little stubborn. I will feel him and call John to come or grab John's hand to put on my stomach, but then Parker stops moving. So funny! Nevertheless, John did get to feel him kick, but is anxious to feel more.
Sleep: I am sleeping pretty good as long as I have my body pillow. I still have occasional struggles. I have my good nights and bad, but overall, not too much to complain about. I am having a harder time turning over from side to side in bed and do miss being able to sleep on my back.

What I Miss: I still miss the same things that I have all along.
Cravings: No cravings ... Still just craving what I can't have.

How I'm Feeling: I'm feeling really good overall and have been very blessed these past 29 weeks! I am looking forward to meeting our little guy, but I have enjoyed being pregnant and will miss things about it. I have endured several "pregnancy side effects" that haven't been too fun, but it really hasn't been too bad. I know they say the final weeks are the worst though. I am starting to FEEL much bigger. I'm having more difficulty bending over, turning over in bed, squating down and getting back up, moving as quick as I used to...things like that.
Best Moment last Week: FINALLY getting Parker's crib and changing table put together...Thanks to Parker's Daddy! John said the crib and changing table were two of the easiest things he's ever put together. The instructions were clear, parts were labeled and organized well and everything fit together just as they were supposed to. I put a couple of things on the changing table just to get a better visual, but I need to do the "real" set-up of it. We need a changing mat, plan to put all of our diapering and changing supplies on the middle shelf and blankets and other miscellaneous items on the bottom shelf . I also have a bigger basket to match the smaller one you will see on the shelf. We also went ahead and made the bed to see what it would look like. Later on, we will need to add a waterproof mattress pad/protector under the sheet and part of our baby monitor under the mattress. Getting this furniture put together and in his room made it feel so much more real and made his room really look like a baby's room. Exciting times!! Now that the furniture is in place, we can start hanging a few things and getting more stuff in place. I still have a long list of "to dos" for his room.

We are heading to Odessa on Friday for a baby shower on Saturday - can't wait! There has been a LOT of time, hard work, energy and money spent on this baby shower and I'm so very grateful. I'm looking forward to this party for Parker ~ hee hee. We will be staying with my Mom and Armando (Mamaw and Gramps). Aside from the shower, it will be really nice to see them, visit, play games, watch football, eat yummy stuff and celebrate an early Christmas. We will head home Monday morning, be home a couple of days and then head to Fredericksburg for Christmas. After that trip, our travel plans will be non-existent until probably mid-late April. We'll have a few things going on around here to keep us busy!

Until we meet again...


  1. SUPER, SUPER, SUPER precious furniture! It's even better than I imagined! Looks great against the stripes too! Can't wait to see the "PARKER" in place!


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