30 Weeks

I will take a 30 week profile picture this week and share later, but for now I wanted to share one picture, a sneak peak if you will, of the baby shower for my 30 week post.

I am: 30 weeks pregnant
Size of Baby: Head of Cabbage ~ 3 pounds and 15.7" long
Total Weight Gained: 9 pounds (I haven't weighed this week, so this is as of last week - I'm sure I've gained a pound or two)
Maternity Clothes: I am wearing maternity jeans and a maternity shirt in this picture. This adorable t-shirt was purchased for me to wear to the baby shower. It was a surprise sent by Carianne to my Mom. I opened it Saturday morning with a very sweet and wonderful card from Carianne. It was really nice not to have to stress over what to wear to the baby shower ~ my outfit was chosen for me!
Gender: It's a BOY!
Name: Parker Holt
Movement: I feel lots of movement daily. John is getting to feel him more as well. The other night, as we were going to sleep, Parker was super active so John got to feel a lot of action. We were just smiling and laughing ~ so special.
Sleep: I am sleeping fairly good (still love my body pillow). I have occasional struggles ~ good nights and bad. I think it's gotten a little worse and I don't seem to be sleeping as well, but I do get some and it could be a lot worse. I am having a harder time turning over from side to side in bed and do miss being able to sleep on my back.
What I Miss: I still miss the same things that I have all along.
Cravings: No cravings ... Still just craving what I can't have.
How I'm Feeling: I'm feeling really good overall and have been very blessed these past 30 weeks! I am looking forward to meeting our Parker, but I have enjoyed being pregnant and will miss several things about it. I have endured a variety "pregnancy side effects" that haven't been too fun, but it really hasn't been too bad. I know they say the final weeks are the worst though. I am starting to FEEL much bigger. I'm having more difficulty bending over, turning over in bed, squating down and getting back up, moving as quick as I used to, putting my shoes on...things like that.
Best Moment last Week: My FANTASTIC, AMAZING baby shower!! WOW...it was SPECTACULAR!! Carianne told me that she would plan and throw "one heck of a baby shower" and it certainly was. I have so many great pictures, details and stories to share about it. Unfortunately, we are between trips right now and time is very limited. We returned home from Odessa this afternoon and are leaving again Thursday morning to spend Christmas with Dad and Kristin in Fredericksburg. We have lots to do before we leave town again in a couple of days. Once we return home from Christmas, I plan to do a post dedicated to the baby shower. I want to share about it all!

With the fact that I am 30 weeks, I thought I would revisit weeks 10 and 20 to see the changes.

10 Weeks...

20 Weeks...
We have a Dr. appointment Tuesday afternoon ~ just a general visit and check-up, nothing special this visit. I am looking forward to it though to make sure all is well and hear the pitter patter of Parker's heart.

Have a great week and be sure to come back next week (or so) for all of the baby shower pictures and details ~ such a fun time!

Until we meet again...